Top(Pot) Secret
Our aim is to create original beautifully crafted food with a big emphasis on texture, harmony of flavours and a sense of overall balance. Food that tastes beautiful that takes you on a journey of different sensations. It's all about what's happening on your palate.
The chefs were brought up experiencing a multitude of cuisine traditions from around the world, this has had a strong influence on the development of the chefs and had kept their mind open to the possibilities whether it be techniques or flavour marriages.
Over the years our food philosophy has evolved into a personal style that celebrates being an internation cook in Germany. It embraces natures diversity and seeks to achieve a sense of balance and purity through produce, technique, texture, flavour and composition.
Basil's menu is a continually evolving repertoire; some classics, some reworking of old favourites plus new dishes for each season. Please note Basil offers vegetarian options and can cater for most dietary requirements.
Casual Service
Our team has experience that far surpasses their individual job requirements and such passion for food and wine that the end result is an experience of food, wine and service. Our staff, whose sole aim is to create for you a seamless, perfect experience and to open you up to the possibilities that Basil has to offer.
Our Winelist
Our wines, which we source from all over the world and invest great energy into creating extraordinary matches with our cuisine.
A beautiful meal can only be enhanced by the right wine selection. At Basil our Sommelier is committed to sharing his passion for wine and assisting guests with their choice in a wine that suits their occasion and budget, and creates a wonderful pairing with our dishes.
Our Sommelier has created a list (Winelist with about 2.100 positions) that offers guests a great selection of German wine as well as wines from Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Greek, Ungary, Germany and Austria, etc.
As well as awarded vintages and the best examples of wine styles from major producers there are also excellent examples of organic and biodynamic wines from all over the world.
Sie möchten Ihren Gästen auf ganz besondere Weise einen schönen Abend bereiten? Das Restaurant Basil unterstützt Sie dabei eine traumhaft romantische und stilvolle Kulisse zu schaffen, ob für Ihre
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Zeremonie mit Flair
Inmitten der Stadt Hannover entstand 1996 im ehemaligen Pferdestall der königlichen Dragoner das Restaurant Basil mit seinem unverwechselbaren Charme. Ein hoches Backstein-Deckengewölbe in Rundbögen mit viel Geschichte, grosse, raumhohe Fensterfronten und eine einzigartige, moderne Inneneinrichtung mit viel Liebe für das Detail und Ausstrahlung steht Ihnen eine besonders reizvolle Terrasse und angrenzender öffentlichen Park zur Verfügung.